Weekend and weekly workshops are based on the concerns of participants. Being a participant you will have fun and work hard as you enact scenes from life and imagination with the guidance of the director. People meet in depth by assisting in one-anothers' dramas and the group life.
Action is involving and teaches new life-skills.
Self-esteem increases as you get to know and enjoy yourself more.
Relationships and work may change as you better recognise what is most important to you and see others more clearly.
New people are required to have a preliminary interview to determine whether the workshops are likely suit their goals.

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The purpose of these workshops is to learn and apply group work, psychodrama, sociodrama, role training and sociometry to life and work.
Hours are accredited by the Australian and New Zealand Psychodrama Association, Inc., ANZPA, a member of PACFA. They count towards practitioner certification. Hours in these groups are generally are accepted as Professional ?Development points.
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The purpose of these regular small groups is the further development and integration of leaders and practitioners including psychodramatists, counsellors, therapists, educators and managers . So the focus of sessions is you at work. Presentation of actual incidents is an essential part of this.
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